1010 Revolution

Revolution in tetris or 1010 style games. 

1010 Revolution is an engaging mobile puzzle game – easy to learn and fun to master! A simple but distinctive gameplay. It is not 1010 nor Tetris, but combination of fun from both of the games.

Just drop blocks to create and destroy full lines vertically or horizontally. Plan ahead so that you can place all the given blocks. You never lose if you are a good thinker. Very addictive puzzle game.

NEW rotating board. Don’t be disappointed when you can’t find where to put the blocks, just rotate the board and you may find one.

Compete with your friends or anyone in the world. Realtime puzzle competition using Game Center.

No time limit. Just enjoy the chain reaction when you put the block in the right spot. Cool graphics effect.

You get more score by removing multiple lines or removing lines continuously.

Five different game modes

1. Practice Mode 
Try with easy blocks without gravity. 
Rotating board gives you more freedom on finding spot to put blocks.

2. Gravity Mode
Unique gameplay with rotating board and gravity. Each block is right body and ruled by gravity. Dots in a block are connected each other and move together.
AI system makes next three blocks not easy but they are all can be placed in current board. 

3. Puzzle Mode
Just place three blocks in the pre-filled board and you win. At first, it may seem impossible to win. 
Looks really impossible? Think again. 100% solution exist. Hint is available if you are desperate. 
Unlimited level of puzzles.

4. Puzzle Pro Mode
Same rule as Puzzle Mode with more interesting blocks. It can be very hard.
Unlimited level of puzzles.

5. Multiplayer Puzzle
See who can solve the puzzle faster. Play with your friends or compete with other players around the world. 

Continue the games whenever you feel like it. Your games are always saved and restored for each game mode, so that you can switch between the game mode without worrying about losing your high scores.

Four color themes available, three themes are free. 

If you see 7×7 super monster block, you are lucky and unlucky at the same time.

Relax and Enjoy!